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 Welcome to the Humor Activity Club!     We are an organization focused on helping inspire fun, create smiles, spread humor and positive emotions, and ponder possibilities to be more active in your area, or maybe help your fun journey in life, or around the world.    In addition to dreaming, creating, and laughing,  we also realize the importance of thinking about  a full range of different emotions including sadness and anger. But, overall we try to focus on positive ideas, and to practice the arts, science and skills of humor and positive activity.

Purpose, Passion, and Practical Plans of Action:   Key purposes of  the Humor Activity Club includes sharing information on humor and positive activities, and to help create many different humor opportunities for the public, and its members, visitors, venues, performers and for others who are interested in humor, and related activities.  This includes helping inspire either new artistic creations, or special events.

Attending Shows, or Getting Involved With Humor Activity Club:  If you would like to either get involved, or attend an event and show, or simply ask questions, or provide feedback, please contact us,  email to Humor Activity Club – World Site.

Social Media Sites:   Please be aware there are other social web sites, and many of them have different content from each other, and one example is the Facebook site, that you can check from this link, H.A. Club – Facebook Site; and another example is the Twitter site, H.A. Club on Twitter; and one is on GAB for H.A. Club; and one on the MINDS platform for H.A. Club  and another is the Patreon for H.A. Club; and several others are either present, or being worked on for more content.   We are working on various efforts, special projects, and new local chapters of the Humor Activity Club (H.A. Club).

Methods Of Humor & Activity Inspiration:   Ideally, great things and fun times can occur from careful planning, reoccurring positive activity,  regular practice, various new ideas, and participation from H.A. Club’s members, audience, sponsors and the public.  To learn about details to some preferred methods, please either contact us directly by email to Humor Activity Club – World Site, or click this link, Method Notes, or review the various pages and posts in this website, and other social media sites of the H.A. Club.

Feedback Request & Appreciation:   This site is fairly new, so some things are still being worked on for this site, and for the Humor Activity (H.A.) Club.   So, for either an in-depth look, or possibly a quick start in understanding the club and its related events, or proposed projects, or goals you may wish to check out the Projects Proposed, or the Blog.   Also, you can contact us via this link:   Email to Humor Activity Club – World Site.   Or, you can view other sites such as the H.A. Club – Facebook Site, and H.A. Club on Twitter.

NOTICE:   Please note that improvements are underway, and ongoing remodeling.

Key Question:  Do you have a little time for humor, or can you make a little time?            *  Subtle Hint For Answer: Unless you are doing something like heart surgery, or feeding the poor, or putting out a fire, or studying for exams, then you may have a little time for humor. 

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Humor Activity Club
Humor Activity Club