Method Notes

Purpose: Here are some notes on the various methods and details of focus for the H.A. club.  But, this does not provide all details related to the H.A. Club.

Methods Of Humor & Activity Inspiration:   Ideally, great things and fun times can occur from the various ideas, efforts, and contributions of the Humor Activity Club’s members, its patrons, the various audience members, the fans, the reoccurring performers, and the sponsors, so that we can all help inspire new humor, and help show appreciation for efforts in humor.   It is hoped by organizing our efforts through the H.A. Club that we can more easily focus on quality humorous efforts, new fun events, and different ways to help grow the club, and help form new chapters.

Many Facets & Layers of Personality:   The H.A. Club is much more than simply an online experience, and it is focused on a wide array of formats, and new efforts.  For example, we are forming new chapters, new events, planning to launch new websites including a YouTube channel, and making proposals for collaborative efforts within our club, and with other groups, and venues.

Website Purpose:   Please note that the purpose of the world site’s website is to communicate and help share info related to the H.A. Club, and to inspire humor and activity, which includes many different methods.  This can include creating new discussions, reports of news related to humor, “in person live events”, and the use of different media types in sharing humor.   These in turn can help with overall learning, creating new humor, fun efforts, daily humor practices, and even efforts related to research and philosophy of humor.  

Various Purposes of Different Sites & Social Media:  For this website and others that are related to the H.A. Club, and its chapters, there can be posting of jokes, riddles, funny graphics, and new ideas, even though that type of effort is not necessarily the primary purpose of the websites at this time.   In the future, there may be websites specifically for the purpose of online sharing of jokes, and various humor items.  


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