The purpose of the Humor Activity Club is to help create opportunities related to humor, and help the arts, sciences, and skills of humor.   It was formed as a grass roots group, who started in early 2017.   In other words, we focus on “humor and activities”, and to increase humor awareness, skills, arts, science, and research for humor. This can include creating events, shows, unique fun, encourage smiles, and help spread humor and positive emotions. And we generally encourage a deeper knowledge on humor; and helping ponder possibilities to be more active in your area, or maybe help your fun journey in life, or around the world.

Key Attributes:  A few goals include our drive and focus of appreciation for humor and doing unique type of things, ponder new views, create smiles and to generally humor ourselves in various ways.    So, the overall purpose of the Humor Activity Club is to help create opportunities to most all aspects related to humor, such as appreciation, new discussions, watching performances, study, writing, and collaborative projects.   Also, this overall club can help create a larger community of local clubs or chapters, who in turn make up the overall Humor Activity Club.  So, there can be various local clubs throughout a state, or in a country, or around the world, or there can even be multiple local clubs in a single city or town, who are part of the overall Humor Activity Club – World Home Site.    For example, a new chapter started in early 2018, which is the Atlanta Chapter.

Time of Founding:  Started in early 2017, and specifically in February 2017.   There are some pending policies and standards to help organize the efforts, and to help maintain a high quality experience and efficient organization, with a code of ethics, operating standards, and policies.

Abstract Ideas &  Continuous Improvements Focus:    For some abstract ideas about this organization, there are reminders included within the adopted phrase and acronym listed below, which can help provide a basic motto and  reminder on the focus of certain ideals related to the Humor Activity Club.   In addition, for this organization there is a focus on continuous improvement in our overall efforts, and even how we may say key words, or dream, or simply change things up.

H.I.  –  H.A. –  H.A.  


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 And another variation of this in the ordering of the words, and later the words themselves include:

H.I.  –  H.A. –  H.A.  


( or )


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Chapters and Unique Efforts:   To help distinguish any unique efforts, or to distinguish a local chapter of the Humor Activity Club from one another, or from the overall Humor Activity Club – World Home Site,  the local club can use some type of subtitle, or local designation, this could be something like the following:  (example only)

  • Humor Activity Club – Planet Earth Chapter
    • or maybe,  H. A. Club – Planet Earth Chapter
  • Humor Activity Club – Northeast Michigan Chapter;
    • or maybe,  Northeast Michigan Chapter of Humor Activity Club.
  • For other examples and details about chapters, click this link, Chapters.

And so the local subtitle can be made as needed, just as long as the local club follows the ethics, operating standards, and policies of the overall Humor Activity Club.

Purpose of World Site:  This website with its blog, is a primary website for the overall Humor Activity Club – World Home, but not the only presence on the internet.    This site is to help new efforts for the Humor Activity Club, and help its growth, and to more easily provide some basic information.  In turn, this can help organize various ideas, discussions, proposals, and to support activities with either other members, guests, audience members, and visitors on a regular basis.

Much more to come later on the Humor Activity Club.

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