Members’ Chapters – Official & Unofficial:  As of March 23, 2018 there are at least three chapters.  One of the largest is the overall main body of members (official and unofficial members) at large without any particular area, nor location; and one is located in Northeast Michigan; and another is in Atlanta, Georgia.   Also, some chapters or main groups of H.A. Club have their own unique social media sites to help as needed for their own specific efforts, and one example is the H.A. Club – Atlanta Chapter, with its Facebook group.

Growing Humor Activity:   We are working on establishing various local chapters of the Humor Activity Club (H.A. Club).   This can help accommodate the local needs and cultural tastes of an area, and also hopefully help cultivate new humor appreciation, new talent, skills, learning, new creative ways to express humor; and ideas for fun.   Another large goal is to help connect like minded humorists, performers, audience members and others who wish to help.   Ideally, these goals can help inspire happiness, and find new ways for the H.A. Club to be largely self sufficient.

Unique Chapters & Special Efforts:  To help distinguish a unique effort, or a  local chapter of the Humor Activity Club from one another, or from the overall Humor Activity Club – World Home Site,  the local club can use some type of subtitle, or local designation, this could be something like the following:  (examples only)

  • Humor Activity Club – Planet Earth Chapter;
  • Humor Activity Club – Scotland Highlands;
    • or maybe,  Humor Activity Club – Scotland Highlands Chapter
  • Humor Activity Club – Magic Carpet Riders
    • or maybe,  H. A. Club – Magic Carpet Riders
  • Humor Activity Club – Antarctica
    • or maybe, Humor A. Club – Antarctica Chapter
  • Humor Activity Club – Renegade Riddlers or Riddle Masters
  • Humor Activity Club – Northern Nevada Region
  • Humor Activity Club – Key West, Florida
  • Humor Activity Club – Utah Mountains
  • Humor Activity Club – Surreal Phenomena
  • Humor Activity Club – San Francisco Bay Area

Basically, there can be some level of variations, or creative ways to express a local club. The overall guidelines are pending, and more formal plans shall come out in the future.


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